Trump Memo Audio Not Part Of Indictment

( – The Democrats, the mainstream media, and the never-Trump crowd have been up in arms since CNN released a short audio recording of Donald Trump allegedly discussing and displaying highly sensitive information regarding Iran to people in the room with him who did not have a security clearance. Many hours were spent covering the clip, with most news outlets failing to discuss the elephant in the room: Special Counsel Jack Smith detailed the audio recording in his indictment, but he did not bring charges against Trump for anything related to his alleged sharing of secret information.

CBS News reported that their sources said the alleged memo “is not part of the 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information,” leaving many wondering why details of the incident were mentioned in the indictment but no charges resulted from it. CBS also noted that their sources were uncertain if “the Iran memo in question was ever recovered and returned,” which may lend credence to President Trump’s argument that he had no such document in his possession during the audio-recorded conversation.

Kash Patel and Richard Grenell, two former officials in the Trump administration who testified to a grand jury for Smith’s investigation, have also raised concerns about the presence of sensitive documents during the recording. Patel told the New York Post that prosecutors interrogated him over the alleged memo, ultimately telling him that they did not have the document. Grenell added doubt to the claim that the former President was sharing sensitive information, saying that the absence of the document in the indictment “proves that the president in the audio recording is clearly talking about the New Yorker story,” which came out shortly before Trump left office and claimed that he was trying to start a war with Iran. Grenell blasted the outlet for its false reporting, as the former president’s foreign policy was to never get into any new wars.

After the audio was released, former President Trump claimed that the recording helped his case and dispelled the Iran war rumors.

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