Trump Makes Cash Donation During Church Service – Media Furious

( – President Donald Trump’s faith is something that drives him to be a good leader. For example, he’s the first sitting president to ever attend the Right to Life annual rally. Recently, he showed again how important Christianity is to him, and the media didn’t seem pleased about it.

On October 18, the president attended services at the International Church of Las Vegas. When worshippers began adding their weekly contributions to the church, Trump took some money out of his wallet and added it to the collection bucket. The media quickly reported on it.

CNN also reported on the president’s attendance, but they tried to turn it into a negative. The Liberal-leaning network claimed Trump was at an event where most worshippers weren’t “wearing masks and definitely did not socially distance.” Reuters called him the president “who rarely goes to church” and attacked him for not wearing a face covering.

Can the president do anything right in these people’s eyes? All he wanted to do was enjoy church services, and he was attacked over it. Sad.

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