Trump Lawyers: No Criminal Charges From Manhattan DA at This Time

Trump Lawyers: No Criminal Charges From Manhattan DA at This Time

( – The Manhattan District Attorney has been investigating the Trump Organization for years. Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly said it’s a continuation of the witch hunt against him. Recently, prosecutors filed charges, but the former president has nothing to worry about personally.

On June 28, Politico reported Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance does not intend to indict Trump. Attorney Ronald Fischetti, who represents the former POTUS, spoke to the DA’s office last week about the case. During the conversation, he says prosecutors told him they might bring charges against the organization and some of its employees for failure to pay taxes on corporate perks. The lawyer said he was shocked that all they had was the complaint about taxes.

Experts have expressed similar shock over the allegations against the Trump Organization. According to the New York Times, several experts said it would be unusual for the DA to file charges solely based on the company failing to pay taxes on corporate perks.

Trump has said that the prosecutors are “rude, nasty, and totally biased.” He called the practice of not paying taxes on fringe benefits “standard practice” and said it’s in “no way a crime.”

The Manhattan DA’s office has not publicly commented on the reports.

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