Trump Jr. Unveils His Father’s Plan for America

Trump Jr. Unveils His Father's Plan for America

( – Former President Donald Trump beat the Democratic Party again on Saturday, February 13, making the impeachment battles 0-2 in his favor. After his acquittal, he released a statement telling his supporters that he looks forward to continuing their journey together. His son, Donald Trump Jr, outlined what that might look like.

On Monday, Don Jr. appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” to discuss his father’s future. He said Donald Trump Sr. is going to continue “pushing that America first agenda” and fight to help workers across the country. He added that he will start supporting candidates who want to move his policies forward, instead of “random establishment guys” who haven’t done anything.

Trump indicated in his statement earlier this week that he has big plans to continue working with Americans toward his vision for the country. He also reportedly told Kevin McCarthy during a meeting at the end of January that he planned to help Republicans take back the leader in the White House. Don Jr.’s insights above confirm his commitment to supporting the GOP, as well as the American people.

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