Trump Isn’t the Racist the Left Wants You to Believe He Is

Trump Isn't the Racist the Left Wants You to Believe He Is

( – Democrats have been painting President Donald Trump as a racist for years. They repeated the claims even when minorities saw record unemployment and criminal justice reform. Now, the election has shattered that talking point completely.

Record numbers of black and Latino men turned out at the polls for President Trump. According to exit polls, 36% of Hispanic men, and 18% of Black men voted to re-elect him.

In Florida, the Latin vote led to the president winning the state.

The Democratic Party often takes minorities for granted. They assume the Black people and Latinos will show up for them just because they pay them lip service.

Meanwhile, Trump actually produced results. Sure, he deported people, so did Barack Obama and Joe Biden. He also tried to make sure as many Hispanic families were financially secure. The president has also made statements the Left has twisted as anti-Black. None of it was true, and he worked hard to make sure African-American households were prosperous.

That’s why the president’s support increased, and Democrats lost another nothing-burger claim.

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