Trump Insider May Have Tipped Off the FBI Before the Raid

Trump Insider May Have Tipped Off the FBI Before the Raid

BETRAYAL – Trump Inner Circle Informant May Have Tipped Off FBI

( – Ever since the FBI conducted a raid at Mar-a-Lago, people have speculated someone from former President Donald Trump’s inner circle must have tipped off authorities as to the contents and location of documents inside his home. Although nobody even knows if there was an informant, if one exists, some believe it could have come from his security detail or possibly from inside his own family.

The previous US leader recently demanded the Department of Justice (DOJ) release the “unredacted affidavit” detailing the “probable cause” police used to procure a search warrant for his Palm Beach property. The document likely contains sensitive data on the investigation and any alleged witnesses’ identities. Judge Bruce Reinhart is currently considering the measure, but the DOJ wants to keep it sealed.

At first, Trump’s associates believed the cooperating individual was one of his bodyguards, Nicholas Luna, or his former operations chief, Molly Michael. However, since the bureau seemed to know exactly where to look for the classified material, rumors began that it must have been someone even closer — perhaps Jared Kushner.

The DOJ must submit a redacted version of the document to the judge by August 25 for consideration of release.

Do you think there was an informant? If so, who do you suspect it is?

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