Trump-Endorsed Candidate Defeats “Never-Trumper” Republican

Trump-Endorsed Candidate Defeats

MAGA Voters Just Sent This Top “RINO” Into Retirement

( – Trump-endorsed candidate John Gibbs officially won the tight race for a spot on the November Republican ticket against Michigan Representative Peter Meijer (R) on August 2. The Daily Wire reported that the vote difference between the two, according to Decision Desk HQ, was nearly 5,000, with 84% of the ballots tallied before declaring a victor a few hours later. Dave Wasserman with Cook Political Report announced that evening the election came “down to the wire.”

Gibbs and the MAGA Movement

On November 15, 2021, former President Donald Trump gave Gibbs his golden seal of approval, touting his belief in the right to bear arms, strong immigration stance, and backing the blue as reasons for his endorsement. Shockingly, Democrats spent about $500,000 on ads pushing the candidate themselves, as they feel he’ll be easier for the Left to defeat during the mid-terms. In fact, POLITICO reported the liberal party used that same strategy in other races — a move some believe will backfire in the upcoming election.

Apparently, between the former leader’s support and the Democrats’ plan, Gibbs secured his place on the ticket as a proponent of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. He announced on his website he supports the American First agenda. The Left considers him dangerous, while many on the Right think he’s just the kind of representation the US needs to get back on track.

The Michigan politician isn’t the only pro-Trump candidate who ousted Republicans who voted to impeach the prior commander-in-chief. Representative Tom Rice (R-SC), who chose to impeach him, also lost his race to Russell Fry. According to Wasserman, there might only be three remaining pro-impeachment Conservatives in the House after the November elections.

The trend may signal the GOP still supports MAGA efforts.

Make American Great Again, Again?

Given that the endorsed candidates saw big victories recently across several states and different positions across the country, it stands to reason the movement he started isn’t entirely dead. However, some GOP members, like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), have signaled they want to steer away from the Trump agenda, essentially splitting the party.

The Washington Post recently addressed the “GOP vs. MAGA divide,” speculating on which way the party will lean going forward. Seemingly, that may depend on whether the Trump-backed hopefuls can secure a win in the midterms.

Which way do you think the Republican party should go?

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