Trump Defense Exposes Flaws in Cohen’s Testimony

( – Serial liar and star witness for the prosecution in the hush money case against former President Trump, Michael Cohen, had a rough day in court on May 16.

Trump’s legal team successfully cast doubt on two primary claims Cohen made while on the stand. The live takedown was so bad that even left-leaning media outlets were forced to admit that Cohen likely lost all credibility. During questioning from prosecutors, Cohen said that he spoke with Trump’s bodyguard Keith Shiller on October 16 about the hush money payment. During cross-examination, Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche likely proved that claim to be false when he showed the jury phone records and texts that suggested the short phone conversation was about prank phone calls Cohen had received from a 14-year-old child.

During live television commentary, prominent media anchor Anderson Cooper said that he would think Cohen was just “making it up as he’s going along” if he was on the jury. During another line of questioning about a non-disclosure agreement with model Karen McDougal, Blanche was able to get Cohen to admit that the cash payment made to her was a reference to making a payment without taking out a loan. Cohen previously testified to the prosecution that Trump’s request for a cash payment implied that he wanted Cohen to write a check.

Cohen’s testimony was key to securing a conviction for the prosecution, and many legal experts believe that Trump will be acquitted after the embarrassing lies Cohen told while on the stand. He also admitted to stealing $60,000 from the Trump Organization because he was angry that his bonus had been cut. A mainstream media outlet recently interviewed several New York residents to get their opinion of the trial. Most said that they thought it was a politically motivated prosecution. One particularly perturbed resident said that the trial was “so obviously political it’s pathetic to even watch it.” The jury will likely decide whether to convict or acquit during the last week of May.

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