Trump Campaign Launch Reportedly Reaches Millions More People Than DeSantis

Donald Trump Reaches 13 More Million People Than DeSantis

( – Although rumors of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announcing a run for the presidency circulated for months, his campaign launch on Twitter fell short of expectations. According to The National Pulse, the 45th President’s re-election announcement received about 13 million more views than DeSantis’ announcement, bringing in around 17 million views to the Florida Governor’s 3.9 million. While Twitter is a hot platform for politics, millions of Americans do not use the platform.

Elon Musk previously said that he would support DeSantis if he chose to run for President, and the DeSantis campaign was looking to take a new approach on social media in an effort to reach a younger audience. However, the launch was riddled with technical difficulties such as a pesky echo after each person spoke, with Musk blaming the unfortunate occurrences on “scaling issues,” and the fact that so many people attempted to listen in. Trump blasted the shaky event on Truth Social, while President Joe Biden’s Twitter account poked fun at it.

With Trump taking a traditional approach to his campaign announcement, he was afforded the ability to be carried by television networks and various streaming platforms. Close to 6 million people watched his speech on Rumble, with another 4.3 million tuning in on YouTube news channels. Many news networks saw a temporary boost in their ratings due to people watching the speech, including those that have experienced a drastic drop in viewership. DeSantis limited his audience by making his announcement exclusive to Twitter, although he did rake in a large number of donations over the next few days.

Trump leads in a number of polls by a large margin, with DeSantis being the only other GOP candidate to receive support above single digits so far.

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