Trump Bypasses Biden In Swing States

( – While polls are certainly not determinative and often criticized by former President Trump, he is likely to be thrilled with the latest one from Echelon Insights. According to the poll, he is leading President Biden by 8 percentage points in the battleground states. Winning battleground states in the presidential election is paramount to an ultimate victory, which is why candidates spend most of their money and time there. Former President Trump has ground to gain after 2020 battleground state losses, but the 8-point lead certainly looks good for his re-election efforts.

The poll also asked voters whom they would vote for “if the presidential election were held today,” throwing People’s Party candidate Cornel West into the pool. Former President Trump also landed on top by one point in that 3-way matchup, but that result does not hold as much weight as the battleground state question in the survey. President Biden polled one percentage point higher than the former president when West was left out of the mix, but the battleground state result was the only one that fell far outside the 3.9 percent margin of error.

Although media reporting about West’s entrance into the race in early June is almost nonexistent, he is determined to “reintroduce America to the best of itself,” with his campaign messaging focusing on largely social issues like poverty and overpopulated prisons. West was once a philosophy professor at Harvard Divinity School, but now spends most of his time as an activist. He received 4 percent and 3 percent in the nationwide and battleground portions of the survey, respectively.

While former President Trump has virtually no competition in the Republican primary, President Biden has a serious challenger who is polling quite well for this early in the game. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes that new leadership is needed in the Democrat Party, as he thinks they have abandoned their principles and moved too far to the left. He is campaigning on reeling in government overreach and ending foreign wars and is currently the most favorable candidate of any party in the running.

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