Trump Breaks Silence On Hunter Biden’s Crimes – New Details!

Trump Warns Possible Hunter Biden Charges Are a Smokescreen

Trump Warns Possible Hunter Biden Charges Are a Smokescreen

( – On October 8, former President Donald Trump held a rally in Nevada where he called the information about the possibility of charges against Hunter Biden a “charade.” Just a few days prior, a new report suggested the FBI may have enough evidence to indict the president’s son for lying on a gun application and tax issues. Trump believes authorities are trying to distract the public from the laptop scandal.

The former US leader said the charges officials are looking to pursue are minor in comparison to the ones they could bring against Hunter Biden for crimes supposedly “found” on his electronic device.

Trump doubts law enforcement will actually hold the president’s son accountable. Instead, he wonders if they will continue to focus on him and the MAGA movement. The former commander-in-chief then accused the FBI of “prosecutorial misconduct” for how they’ve handled the investigation against Hunter Biden so far. He thinks authorities are considering only smaller allegations to satisfy the public while perhaps pushing the bigger issues into the background. US Attorney David Weiss, based out of Delaware, will decide what charges to bring and when — if any.

What do you think about the possible upcoming legal action against Hunter Biden? Do you agree with Trump?

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