Trump Beats Biden in Key States

Trump Beats Biden in Key States

( – Democrats were really cocky going into the election on November 3. Just like in 2016, the polls had Joe Biden beating Donald Trump by wide margins. The 2020 Democratic nominee — just like Hillary Clinton — thought he could win key states in a landslide early on. That didn’t happen.

For days leading up to the election, there was a lot of chatter about Biden taking Florida, Texas, and Georgia. Winning one of those states could have ended the election early. President Trump’s supporters didn’t let that happen. They showed up to the polls in droves, and he won Texas and Florida without breaking a sweat. On Wednesday morning, he had a comfortable lead in Georgia, too.

Florida was especially important because Trump gained a lot of Latino votes.

The election still hasn’t been called yet, but it’s looking good for the president. Joe Biden has to win Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Maine to beat the president. If even one of those states goes red, it’s over for him.

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