Trump at White House: “Won This One”

Trump At White House:

( – Texas recently filed a lawsuit against four battleground states to fight the changes officials made to rules to make voting easier before the election. Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) argues the last-minute moves were unconstitutional. President Donald Trump is now throwing his weight behind the lawsuit.

On Wednesday, December 9, Trump spoke about the election at the White House Hanukkah party. The president said he thinks he won the election, and it was a “much bigger victory” than his 2016 win. The American people can’t have a president who lost the election, he said, presumably referring to Joe Biden. The president reassured his supporters that he will “win this election in a landslide” as long as people show courage.

That’s a statement he made earlier in the day, as well.

Attorney General Bill Barr recently stated there was no widespread voter fraud during the election; Homeland Security has made a similar statement. However, the president is not convinced and would like to make sure only legal votes were counted.

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