Trump Appeals Court Decision – Hillary Clinton Persecution Continues!

Trump Appeals Judge's Decision To Dismiss Hillary Clinton Case

Trump Appeals Judge’s Decision To Dismiss Hillary Clinton Case

( – On October 11, former President Donald Trump appealed the decision by US District Judge Donald Middlebrooks to dismiss his previous case against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D). The magistrate threw out the lawsuit in September, saying the suit was nothing more than a 200-page “political manifesto.” The court clerk immediately flagged the appeal because it lacked a signature.

Trump’s original lawsuit alleged that Clinton, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and others worked together to “undermine” his successful presidential campaign in 2016. He said the groups conspired to prove Trump’s campaign had ties to Russia. The former US leader said they went so far as to create false evidence and lie to police to prove the false narrative. He claimed to have lost tens of millions of dollars as a result.

Middlebrooks said most of Trump’s positions outlined in the suit had no legal merit, saying the move was just a way for him to air grievances against his political rivals. The previous president’s team spoke out after the decision, saying “vehemently disagree[d]” with the judge’s point of view, vowing to appeal.

What do you think of the appeal? Do you believe Trump will be successful in proving his case?

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