Truckers To Avoid NYC After Trump Verdict

( – Millions of Americans are beyond frustrated at the attempt to take down former President Trump, and that includes some long-haul truckers. They believe that he is being targeted to prevent him from winning a second term in the White House.

After New York Judge Engeron ordered Trump to pay $355 million for allegedly overinflating the value of his properties to obtain favorable terms on bank loans, one truck driver said that he and other drivers would not be making trips to the state to protest the ruling. A man with an account named Chicago Ray on X, formerly Twitter, made the claims in a video that quickly went viral. The man said that their bosses would not mind if they denied New York-bound loads and would just make deliveries elsewhere.

Less than a day after posting the video, it mysteriously disappeared. Three days later, Chicago Ray posted another video to explain why he deleted it. He told his followers that his grandson had seen the video on TikTok. He continued, saying that he stands “with Trump 100% Truckers for Trump,” but added that whether drivers boycott the state is up to them. He explained that he “ain’t the leader of any movement,” which was another reason that he removed the video. He posted another video later in the day, claiming that New York would still see a boycott.

Judge Engoron made the ruling despite testimony from Deutsche Bank’s managing director David Williams, who told the judge that the bank did its due diligence when lending money to the Trump Organization. Some legal experts believe that the Trump Organization will argue on appeal that there were no victims. However, New York Attorney General Letitia James said that the law could still be applied without victims and that the bankers could have made more money in interest if Trump had been honest about his net worth. Those legal experts have also said that the unprecedented nature of this case could lead the appeals court to be skeptical of the judge’s decision. They could also look into James’s actions to determine if she exceeded her authority when bringing the charges.

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