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Kevin McCarthy Warns GOP Will Restrict Ukraine Aid

Kevin McCarthy Warns GOP Will Restrict Ukraine Aid

( – On October 18, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) interviewed with Punchbowl News, where he said Republicans will not write a “blank check” to Ukraine if the party wins control of the House in 2023. While the legislator admitted supporting the nation is important, he believes America is going to be in a recession, and citizens won’t want to just hand over money to a foreign country.

The California lawmaker’s declaration coincides with a statement from President Joe Biden stating his commitment to codifying abortion rights if voters allow Democrats to keep control of both the House and Senate next year. However, the economy is the number one issue on voters’ minds, and the Biden Administration has sent billions of dollars to Ukraine while inflation soars here at home.

McCarthy believes controlling the border and lowering inflation are the more pressing issues in America that Congress should quickly address. OANN reported that Republicans largely support military aid for the sovereign nation but not necessarily “humanitarian assistance.” The legislator admitted Ukrainian aid would have a difficult time going through a conservative House. Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) responded to McCarthy’s words about supporting the war-torn region, calling his idea “disgraceful.”

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