Tim Scott Says He Could Be Trump’s Running Mate

Tim Scott Says He Could Be Trump's Running Mate

(LibertySociety.com) – Although former President Donald Trump has yet to formally announce another run for the Oval Office, he already has people looking to stand by his side. In a recent interview with Fox News, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) seemed to indicate he’d like to be Trump’s running mate.

When asked if he wanted to be on the Trump ticket in the next general election, the South Carolina legislator answered everyone wants to be on it “without any question.” During the interview, he said the former president is the most vocal in the Republican party right now, and he will likely decide the party’s future path.

Although Scott clarified he’s not interested in joining any particular ticket at this point, the legislator wants to be sure his party rallies around the principles the Right holds dear. His first priority is to win re-election in South Carolina before he thinks too far into the future.

Scott blamed the Democrat party for the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, and stated Trump was not responsible for what transpired that day. Given his open support of the former president, it appears the South Carolina senator might agree to a running-mate position on Trump’s ticket if the opportunity arises.

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