Tim Scott Reveals Launch of Presidential Exploratory Committee

Senator Tim Scott Announces Exploratory Committee for Potential Run

(LibertySociety.com) – According to Fox News, Republican Senator Tim Scott has announced a presidential exploratory committee as the media buzzes about whether he will officially throw his name in the 2024 race. Senator Scott sent out text and e-mail notifications to Republicans on April 12th, 2023, stating that he has “been doing a lot of thinking the past few months,” adding that he has been praying and self-reflecting over his thoughts.

Senator Scott released a video message with his announcement, taking aim at President Joe Biden and the tactics of the radical left Democrats. He blasted the Democrats for labeling him as a “a token,” for being a black Republican, claiming that they use race to keep the country divided and that his conservative stance threatens their narrative. He briefly discussed his childhood, stating that he was raised solely by his mother and that although they were impoverished, his family believed they could achieve the American dream.

He went on to explain what he will do to take America back from the power grips of the Democrats, mentioning border security, security in the streets, protecting America’s Judeo-Christian values, taking on China, restoring job opportunities, supporting school choice, and the right to life.

With Senator Scott’s announcement of the exploratory committee, he will be allowed to fundraise to finance his travels and speak with Americans to determine whether he should pursue the Oval Office in 2024. His announcement came on the same day as his second visit to Iowa within the last month, which is one of the earliest primary election states for the 2024 primary. In February, he visited Iowa, expressing his optimism for the future of the GOP. He will also be focusing on New Hampshire, meeting with potential voters to get a feel for their support. Senator Scott has already raked in over 20 million dollars this year in campaign donations, which he would be permitted to transfer to his presidential campaign if he decides to run.

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