Thousands Protest for Freedom in Washington State Against Vaccine Mandates

Thousands Protest for Freedom in Washington State Against Vaccine Mandates

( – As the pandemic lingers on and vaccine mandates become more commonplace around the nation, citizens are using their First Amendment rights and taking their opinions to the street. On October 3, thousands of people descended upon the Capitol Building in Washington state to protest a vaccine mandate handed down by Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA).

On August 9, The Evergreen State’s leader announced that all healthcare workers and most state employees must vaccinate against COVID-19 by October 18 or lose their jobs — and the deadline is drawing near.

Those protesting in Washington are against forced vaccinations and believe the government overreached with its mandates. Former State Department of Transportation employee Kelly Coyle shared her fellow protestors’ position by stating, “We know how to take care of ourselves.” Others broke into the national anthem to show Americans should be free to make decisions for themselves regarding healthcare.

Although the protest in Olympia was peaceful, those citizens weren’t the only ones speaking their minds about governmental vaccine orders. Some protests turned violent. Since late summer, several anti-vaccination demonstrations have popped up across the country, including in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, where the protests became physical.

But despite the escalation during some gatherings, our Constitution protects Americans who use their voices to protest, allowing us to participate in keeping this country free.

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