Thousands Of Illegals To Be Given Prepaid Credit Cards

( – New York City has been on the receiving end of busload after busload of illegal migrants for years now, which was welcomed by Mayor Eric Adams. While his commitment to living up to NYC’s sanctuary city status seems to be unwavering, he has called for federal assistance on multiple occasions in recent months. In November, Adams announced cuts to vital city resources, which local officials admitted was due to the influx of illegal migrants. Now, the city will be doling out up to $1,000 per month to pay for food and necessities for illegal migrants.

Mobility Capital Finance, which is based in New Jersey, will head the $53 million program by providing “Immediate Response Cards” to illegal migrant families currently staying in hotels in the city. Illegals housed in the Roosevelt Hotel will be the first recipients of the prepaid cards, but the program will be expanded to around 15,000 migrant families if successful. The illegal migrants will be able to use the cards at bodegas, convenience stores, and grocery stores, including supermarkets. The migrants will be required to sign an affidavit agreeing to only use the card for purchases of baby supplies and food items. Although it is unknown how compliance will be tracked, those who abuse the stipend will be removed from the program.

The amount of money provided to illegal migrant families is dependent upon income and household size. The city previously contracted with a company called DocGo, which provided three meals each day to the illegal migrants. However, over 70,000 meals were wasted over a two-month span, which Mayor Adams believes to be from differing diets. His spokesperson said that the new program will allow families to buy “fresh food for their culturally relevant diets” and personal preference for baby supply purchases. Over $600,000 per month is expected to be saved using the new program, according to the spokesperson.

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