Thousands Detained for Protesting Navalny Arrest

Thousands Detained for Protesting Navalny Arrest

( – On January 17, Alexei Navalny flew back to Moscow after recovering from an assassination attempt. Upon his arrival, he was immediately arrested and sentenced to more than two years in prison on Tuesday, February 2. The Russian government cracked down this week after people took to the streets to call for Navalny’s release.

The Kremlin reportedly ordered the arrests of thousands of protesters calling on the government to free the opposition leader. Navalny sent a message to his supporters on Thursday, thanking them for their support and saying they need to “free” Russia from a “bunch of thieves.” Video of the protests reportedly shows police beating people.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned Russia’s imprisonment of Navalny.

World leaders, including President Joe Biden, are calling on Vladimir Putin to release Navalny. The US is also reportedly reviewing other Russia-related issues, leading to concerns about tensions between the two countries. Former President Donald Trump was tough on the ex-Soviet nation, but he managed to keep the two countries out of conflict. It’s starting to look like that might all change.

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