This Organic Food Is About to Get More Expensive

This Organic Food Is About to Get More Expensive

( – Eggs are typically an inexpensive, versatile food that has a place in many refrigerators across the United States. But organic eggs, just like most food produced under specific USDA parameters, fetch a higher price.

The increased cost comes from manufacturing expenses, starting with the feed companies provide the chickens who lay the eggs. So, when the soybean meal price increases because of a disagreement between the United States and India, Americans will likely see the result at checkout.

In April, the Organic Soybean Processors of America accused suppliers in India of selling their product below fair market value to the U.S. They presented a petition to the Department of Commerce to complain about how it was impacting soybean producers within the U.S.

Since the DOC’s investigation into the accusation could result in high taxes for soybean imports from India, retailers are buying up the cheaper meal while they can get it. This hoarding behavior is causing a shortage in supply, raising the overall price of the food organic farmers need to feed their chickens. If egg producers need to pay more to feed their chickens, that cost will inevitably pass on to the U.S. consumers who choose to buy organic eggs.

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