These Are Trump’s Policies That Cannot Be Reversed by Democrats

These Are Trump's Policies That Cannot Be Reversed by Democrats

( – During the 2020 campaign, Joe Biden promised voters that he would reverse all of President Donald Trump’s policies if they elected him. Democratic voters were wooed by the thought of Biden sticking it to the man they spent four years saying wasn’t their president. The problem with the Liberal’s lofty promises is that there are certain policies that he will not have an easy time axing.

Middle East

Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump had a lot of foreign policy victories. He brokered peace agreements between Israel, Bahrain, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan. That was a massive win, and there isn’t much Biden could do to take that away from Trump because it was mostly between the other countries. However, the Democrat has said that he wants to jump back into bed with Iran, one of the most hostile countries in the Middle East.

The Iranian government has gotten more belligerent over the last few months, even going so far as to threaten to attack the US. There will likely be strong bipartisan opposition to Biden’s plan to reenter the nuclear agreement.

Immigration Changes

Additionally, Trump made several changes to the US immigration system, including implementing stricter asylum guidelines and limiting the number of refugees allowed into the country. Many of the changes he made to the system went through the necessary steps to become official, making it a lot harder for Biden to reverse those policies.


Another area where Biden is unlikely to receive support to make changes is with China. President Trump’s crackdown on the Communist country made America safer, without a doubt. He prevented Chinese spies from stealing research information from companies and universities. His administration also sanctioned the country for its human rights abuses.

Those policies will almost certainly stay in place.

At the end of the day, Biden made many promises to his base that he can’t keep. Unlike President Trump, the promises were made, and they won’t be kept.

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