The Strictest Immigration System In The Western World

( – Big changes are coming for the Netherlands after an agreement was forged with four coalition groups to form a cabinet. Dutch politician Geert Wilders proudly proclaimed, “The sun will shine again in the Netherlands” after he and others successfully negotiated the formation of the new government. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was presented with the documents on May 16. Perhaps the most crucial reformation agreed upon was the country’s immigration system, which was detailed in a 26-page document.

The document outlined the strain that was placed on the country’s resources because of mass migration. The document promised the creation of “the strictest admission regime for asylum,” as well as a broad migration control initiative. The new government will also have the authority to pause the acceptance of asylum applications, which will include the ability to deport applicants who do not have the appropriate permits to stay in the country. Border-crossing migrants who attempt to come into the country illegally will also be instantly deported.

The burden of proof for asylum qualification will be placed on the migrants themselves, rather than the government being forced to show why they should not be allowed to seek refuge in the country. Efforts will also be made to quickly deport unwanted migrants, including criminals, troublemakers, and anyone who shows animus toward Christians, women, or LGBT individuals. The country’s visa system will also be reformed, with the promise of new regulations for employers seeking cheap labor. Additionally, those who seek Dutch citizenship will have to learn the Dutch language and give up citizenship in their home country.

Another monumental development in the formation of the new government is the end of the environmental crusade of the country’s outgoing prime minister. The documents made clear that the agricultural traditions of the country would once again be championed and protected. While the negotiations took over six months, the coalition believes that the new government will be successful. Wilders said that the new government will be fully functioning by mid-June.

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