The Majority of Americans Don’t Trust the Government, According to Recent Poll

The Majority of Americans Don't Trust the Government, According to Recent Poll

( – According to a Partnership for Public Service poll, over half of the Americans surveyed don’t trust the government. The late October survey asked over 2,300 adults if they trust the federal government to do what is right, and 56% answered they had little faith or none at all. The majority of people also said the government doesn’t help people like them and believe the federal government negatively impacts the US. Unfortunately, the results indicate most Americans don’t believe the people they vote into office do what’s best for them.

There were also differences across party lines: two-thirds of Democrats trust the government, compared to less than one-third of Republicans. Without trust in the government, it’s hard to imagine society following what they have to say. That’s especially true, considering the survey showed a whopping 69% across party lines thought the federal government was corrupt, and 59% said it was incompetent. In addition, 75% said it was too bureaucratic and wasteful, while only 27% think the government listens to the public it serves.

Some of the people surveyed admitted they had positive experiences involving the government but still “don’t fully trust” the entity.

Do you agree with the poll findings, and what do you think the results mean for the US going forward?

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