The Identity of the SCOTUS Leaker Is Still a Mystery

The Identity of the SCOTUS Leaker Is Still a Mystery

The Supreme Court’s Leaker Remains A Mystery — Are They Hiding Their Identity?

( – Weeks before the US Supreme Court handed down its opinion on abortion rights for women in the United States, someone leaked a preliminary draft opinion to the public. Although an investigation has been underway ever since, the identity of the leaker remains a mystery. Now that SCOTUS has ended its term until October, many are wondering if the country’s citizens will ever learn who was at fault.

The court began its session at the beginning of October 2021. It typically takes a recess after releasing pending opinions by the end of June or early July. This year, the session ended with the release of some controversial opinions and the swearing-in of the newest Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who replaced retired Justice Stephen Breyer.

Before the four-month-long break, Chief Justice John Roberts thanked all SCOTUS employees for their hard work during the session but neglected to reveal who released the court’s draft opinion before its time. The lack of information made many wonder if the public will ever know the name of the culprit.

Roberts reportedly asked the court’s marshal to investigate the matter, but there has since been no resolution on the matter. Investigators only recently started collecting information.

Do you think the Supreme Court knows the identity of the leaker and is waiting to announce it, or do you believe the guilty party has avoided detection entirely?

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