“The Five” Hosts Question Flailing Support for the Biden Administration

TV Show Host Says Biden Is Losing Supporters — He’s Done For

(LibertySociety.com) – On June 14, “The Five” panel on Fox News talked about how support for President Joe Biden is waning among Democrats. Co-host Jesse Watters stated even CNN and The New York Times seem done with the president and his policies, viewing him as a means to unseat former President Donald Trump and nothing more. Watters also thinks Democratic donors are questioning whether they should continue to support Biden as they stare down the barrel of a bear market.

When asked on Fox News whether the president can continue in his position after the 2024 election, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre laughed off the implication, saying she has a hard time keeping up with Biden herself.

The New York Times recently reported many Democrats’ frustration with the president, wondering if he can rally his party against Republicans who are eyeing taking control of Congress in November.

The article claimed many within the party are ready to cut Biden loose in the 2024 cycle and reported the Left worries about their success in the mid-term elections. As the country spirals out of control, Democrats may be right to worry.

If the party abandons Biden for 2024, who do you think they’ll choose to represent them in the general election?

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