Tesla Tells Employees to Work In-Person 40 Hours Per Week or Resign

Tesla Tells Employees to Work In-Person 40 Hours Per Week or Resign

Elon Musk Issues Ultimatum – “Come Back Or Resign”

(LibertySociety.com) – As many employees seek to continue working remotely, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is apparently demanding his employees return to the office or quit. In two separate emails, the multi-billionaire told workers they could continue to do remote work but must travel to the office for 40 hours per week minimum if they want to keep their jobs.

He stated the more senior the employee’s position, the more imperative it is to be physically present. Musk said he will assume those who don’t comply with the demand don’t want their jobs anymore.

However, the CEO’s harsh stance was not completely devoid of options. Musk stated if people have a true need to remain solely in a remote position, he will personally “review and approve” those requests on a case-by-case basis.

The business mogul said in his second email Tesla simply couldn’t put out a stellar product if the staff is “phoning it in,” making it clear he does not believe remote work can replace the in-person value an employee has to a company’s success. Reports received exclusively by The New York Times show he relayed the same message to his SpaceX employees, adding his company would not have succeeded had he not shown up for work.

Musk did not respond with a comment upon request from the NYT.

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