Ted Cruz Reveals True Reason for Problems in Middle East

Ted Cruz Reveals True Reason For Problems In Middle East

(LibertySociety.com) – Conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East is reaching a boiling point after nearly two weeks of non-stop fighting and dozens of deaths. Hamas, a terrorist organization allegedly funded by Iran, recently claimed responsibility for several rocket attacks aimed at Jerusalem. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), however, feels tensions are especially high for a different reason.

During a May 19 briefing, Cruz said that when Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates signed the Abraham Accords, foreign ministers of those countries indicated they were doing so because the US stands with Israel. When Biden took office, he undermined that solidarity by stating his desire to rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement. He also sent hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Cruz explained that Hamas sending rockets into Israel is a “direct result of those failed decisions.” He also took Iran to task for funding rockets that are essentially “raining down on innocent men, women, and children.”

The Biden administration claims restarting Palestinian aid benefits Israel, too. The GOP continues to urge the President to stand up for US allies, not its adversaries.

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