Tanzanian Nationals Still Held Hostage by Hamas ID’d

(LibertySociety.com) – During the October 7 terrorist attack against Israel, Hamas took over 230 people as hostages. Some have been released, including four Americans, but others have remained in captivity. On October 29, the Israel Foreign Ministry posted on X, formerly Twitter, announcing that two students from Tanzania were among the hostages.

Joshua Loitu Mollel and Clemence Felix Mtenga recently traveled to Israel with 258 other students for an agricultural internship. Mollel’s father’s worst fears were confirmed when he learned that his son had been taken hostage. He had not spoken with him since October 5 and had been sick with worry while awaiting word on his location. Mollel’s father recalled the last conversation he had with his son where he told him, “Be on your best behaviour because you’re somewhere new.”

Mtegna’s sister spoke with BBC after learning that he had been taken hostage. She said that his family hoped that he would be rescued but were still worried about his safety. Mtegna’s family has kept in touch with his roommate who made it through the attack unharmed. He is also keeping the family informed about what is happening on the ground during the conflict. His family wanted him to know that they were praying for him around the clock and to “be courageous where he is.”

The Israeli government previously reported that the hostages taken were from at least 25 different countries around the world. Hamas has claimed that the hostages were safe within their tunnel system in Gaza, but no one knows if the terrorist group is telling the truth. Hamas has safely released four hostages, including an 85-year-old woman who reported that she was treated well except when she was beaten with sticks on the way to Gaza. The Israeli government has reported starkly lower numbers of casualties in the war than the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry, which has made it difficult for people to decipher what is true and what is propaganda.

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