Taliban Reportedly Bars Women From Higher Education

Taliban Reportedly Bars Women From Higher Education

(LibertySociety.com) – Before US troops even pulled out of Afghanistan for good, the Taliban was in the process of taking over the country. Once the last of the Americans and allied military left the nation after helping Afghani troops for about 20 years, the radical regime took complete hold of the region. As a result, women and girls feared for their futures.

On December 20, the Associated Press reported the Taliban authorities issued an order banning women in Afghanistan from attending college. The ruling group had already been preventing women from advancing to many secondary schools in the country ever since it rose to power. The new edict was just one more hit to the demographic. US National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson called the move “deplorable,” according to AP.

The next day, a group of girls reportedly arrived at a university campus, only to find Taliban guards blocking their entrance to the building. In several parts of the country, learning institutions implemented the ruling, virtually eliminating any chance for women in Afghanistan to advance their education. Some protested the news, but officials quickly shut down any forms of dissent.

As the Taliban was taking over the country, the regime assured the public “women [would] be afforded all their rights.” However, since then, reports have emerged of the group whittling away at women’s rights by taking away educational opportunities and the freedom to travel far distances.

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