Student Leader Encourages Peers to Target Campus Police

Student Leader Encourages Peers to Target Police

( – Law enforcement officers have taken a lot of abuse over the last few years. They’ve been attacked, murdered, and called names. Countless police officers have talked about its toll on morale, but unfortunately, the negativity has persisted. It was recently brought to a college campus by someone who’s supposed to be leading the student body.

According to April 28 reports, Minnesota Student Association Executive Board member Lauren Meyers recently called on students to disrupt campus police. She said they should “make their lives hell” by using up resources and making “officers show up to something.”

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association has now called for an investigation into whether or not Meyers violated the school’s code of conduct. Brian Peters, the organization director, reminded everyone that calling in a false report is a crime. Further, it would pull valuable resources away from actual emergencies and make the campus less safe. The school condemned her comments as well, but there is no word on any disciplinary action so far.

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