Strategic Command Warns of Nuclear War

Strategic Command Warns of Nuclear War

( – Space weapons and the spread of nuclear weapons have been a concern for quite some time. It’s one reason former President Donald Trump created the new military branch, the Space Force, and worked so hard to keep Iran from making the deadly weapons. In February, the Center for Strategic & International Studies released a report discussing the proliferation of counterspace weapons. According to reports, Strategic Command and the head of the Space Force discussed both issues with Congress this week.

US Strategic Commander Charles Richard testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on April 20 and the House Armed Services Committee on April 21. In a preview of his comments, he warned that the conflicts of 2021 are “neither linear nor predictable.” He’s also concerned that they could lead to nuclear war.

Richard delivered the remarks alongside US Space Command’s Commander James Dickinson, who’s concerned about China and Russia developing space weapons. He told The Hill that his force is “preparing for the war” not fought yet.

The discussions come as tensions are flaring between the US and other nations, including the aforementioned. The Biden administration promised to increase diplomacy when he took office, but the exact opposite has taken place so far. That could make the military’s job even more difficult.

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