Steve Bannon Floats RFK Jr. as Trump’s Running Mate

Steve Bannon Floats RFK Jr. as Trump's Running Mate

( – As the 2024 election cycle nears, with former President Donald Trump running for the Republican nomination, some are speculating as to who should be his pick for Vice President of the United States. Steve Bannon, former chief strategist for the Trump administration and host of the podcast War Room, offered a suggestion of his own–Robert Kennedy Jr.

Bannon floated the idea during a public event, claiming that he received a standing ovation from his audience. Kennedy, a Democrat, officially announced on April 19th, 2023, at the Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, that he would be challenging President Biden in the 2024 primary election. Despite his status as a Democrat, he has received criticism for his opposition to Dr. Anthony Fauci and controversial stance on vaccines. Some of his family members have already expressed that they won’t be supporting his bid for the White House.

Bannon has featured Kennedy on his podcast on more than one occasion, discussing Dr. Fauci and their opinions on the government. During his announcement speech, Kennedy stated that during his campaign and when he is in the oval office, his goal “will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power,” claiming that the relationship is threatening the United States with “a new kind of corporate feudalism.”

According to a report from Newsweek, Bannon indicated during his podcast that he would prefer Trump to have ex-gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake as his running mate. However, he mentioned that he believes Kennedy would be an “excellent” second choice.

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