Staffing Issues Plague Chicago Police Department

Staffing Issues Plague Chicago Police Department

( – The 16th Police District in Chicago, Illinois, covers the largest area in the city, but staffing issues are reportedly making the region a dangerous place.

A recent ABC report showed the district losing officers to retirement, but not replacing them fast enough to meet current crime rates. In addition to the slack in new hires, 38th Ward Alderman Nicholas Sposato stated COVID-19 infections, layoffs, and no-pay status officers are also to blame.

Although recent data show murders and robberies are lower than a year ago, sexual assaults are up about 115% in the district, while thefts and aggravated batteries also increased.

Sposato plans to ask for “at least 50 bodies,” but he thinks living in a place that believes in socialism is causing the city to “fight for crumbs.”

The 41st Ward Alderman Anthony Napolitano stated the 16th District covers too large of an area, and he doesn’t want an influx of rookies straight out of the academy who will likely transfer out as they rank up.

Instead, he suggested structural changes to the district to make the area more manageable. By changing the structure, police could fight against the crime increase. His goal is simply to help his residents feel safe in the city once again.

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