Stacey Abrams Proves Exactly Why We Still Need the Police

Stacey Abrams Proves Exactly Why We Still Need the Police

Top Democrat DEVASTATED Amidst Massive Hypocrisy Scandal

( – From 2021 to 2022, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams paid over $1.6 million on personal security service protection. Oddly, this is the same person who sits on the board of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, an organization pushing to defund and abolish the very police she trusts with her life. Although Abrams insisted she has never “supported” these extreme agendas against law enforcement, her close association with the group may show otherwise.

On the one hand, the political activist says she wants to give police more funding and increase their pay. That makes sense, considering Abrams clearly sees the value of their existence. However, she also supports the Marguerite Casey Foundation, which gives money to people advocating for defunding the police, fighting against capitalism, and wanting to do away with prisons.

Still, Abrams told Axios she wants higher pay for officers, stating a better income for cops would result in “fewer negative interactions” with the public. She also said she wants to change the training and accountability system for officers — not take away funding. Republicans aren’t so sure.

In fact, they simply point to her foundation connections, but the gubernatorial candidate said she has no control over foundation grant decisions as a board member.

Do you think Abrams is a hypocrite for using police protection as she supports an organization that pushes to eliminate them?

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