Spotify Pressured To Cancel Joe Rogan From Platform

Spotify Pressured To Cancel Joe Rogan From Platform

Joe Rogan CANCELLED? – Spotify’s Pressure Intensifies

( – Podcaster Joe Rogan recently said on his show the people who lost their businesses due to pandemic shutdowns should “vote Republican,” sparking backlash and yet another call for Spotify to remove the controversial figure from its platform. In January, another uproar over alleged COVID-19 misinformation caused many to demand the company remove Rogan. Singer Neil Young went so far as to leave the app himself in protest. Still, the host remains.

After Rogan’s most recent comments, Occupy Democrats took to Twitter to blast his suggestion the GOP could have better handled the pandemic, saying that all the business owners who lost their livelihoods would still have them under Republican rule.

The group called Rogan’s insinuation “dangerous rhetoric” while asking its followers to boycott Spotify until it scrubs the podcaster from its platform.

While the Left was up in arms about the comedian’s previous talks about the coronavirus, this time he simply expressed what he thought those negatively affected by the pandemic should do in November. Rogan isn’t even a member of the Republican party, so he has no political motivation for making the comment.

Spotify has not yet responded to the call for the podcaster’s removal.

Do you think the outspoken show host should lose his platform with Spotify over his comments, or do you feel Democrats are simply trying to stifle his First Amendment rights?

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