Spain’s Prime Minister Pledges to End Prostitution

Spain's Prime Minister Pledges to End Prostitution

( – Prostitution is illegal throughout most of the United States, except for a few areas in Nevada, punishable for both the prostitute and the customer. But the same is not true for Spain. Since 1995, the practice has been legal in the European country, although that may soon change. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez promised on October 17 to outlaw prostitution once again in his country.

Agreeing with the laws in the US, Sánchez believes the job is “one of the worst forms of violence” against the female population. Not surprisingly, most sex workers in Spain live in poverty and have no protection from their conditions to make a living.

Groups opposing the law say instead of making laws against the practice of prostitution, the government should recognize the profession and give workers the same rights as any other employee. They say criminalizing these women is dangerous because they likely won’t stop. Instead, they will hide any abuses they experience for fear of prosecution.

But others say countries that decriminalize the practice see problems with human trafficking and pimping, posing a great danger to the women who prostitute.

Other than encouraging an unregulated way of life that “enslaves” women, perhaps Spain should provide alternatives for them to earn income. But Sánchez has yet to outline a definitive plan to rescue these women from the sex industry.

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