Soros-backed PAC Runs Ad Against Black Republican Running for Governor

( – Republican Kentucky gubernatorial candidate and current Attorney General for the state, Daniel Cameron has faced attacks from Democrats for many years. However, the latest attack ad from a George Soros-funded Super PAC has prompted severe backlash.

The Black Voters Matter Action PAC has received over $1 million from Soros’s Democracy PAC, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings. Thus far, the ad has run on two radio stations that have predominately black listeners. The ad calls Cameron “Uncle Daniel Cameron,” and the Super PAC has previously used “skinfolk ain’t kinfolk” when launching attacks against him. That phrase is often used to describe black people who do not fall in line with the Democratic Party.

Cameron is running against incumbent Democratic Governor Andy Beshear in the upcoming November gubernatorial election. Cameron spoke out against the ad, urging Beshear to condemn the hateful rhetoric. He said that he had never experienced racist attacks until he “decided to stand up to the national Democrat establishment.” Cameron began facing scrutiny from the National Democratic Party back in 2020 when he decided not to convene a grand jury for murder charges against the officers involved in the widely-known Breonna Taylor case.

Cameron was elected as Kentucky’s first black Attorney General back in 2019 and was the first Republican to hold the office since 1943. He received an endorsement from then-President Trump, which likely placed an even bigger target on his back. In previous advertisements, he was depicted as a white man grasping onto the tail of the white robe of a Ku Klux Klan member. The front of the robe had Donald Trump’s name written on it.

So far, Beshear’s office has not responded to requests for comment or condemned the ad. The Daily Wire attempted to contact the Super PAC but came up empty-handed. Recent polls have shown Beshear in the lead, but Cameron is determined to put up a good fight and become the first black governor in the state of Kentucky.

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