Six-Week-Old Killed by Family Dog in Crib

( – A Tennessee mom and dad are grieving after their family dog brutally mauled their six-week-old baby boy while he was sleeping in his crib on May 24. Mark Mansoor, 28, and his wife Chloe Mansoor, 25, said that the husky dog, which they have had for eight years, had never been aggressive toward anyone and that he just attacked the infant out of nowhere. The baby, Ezra Mansoor, was rushed to the hospital, but sadly died six days later on May 30 from the brain trauma that occurred during the attack.

Chloe Mansoor told a local media outlet that regardless of the breed or the length of time it has been with the family, any animal owner is vulnerable. She said the dog had been around children in the past at their home without incident. The couple decided to donate their son’s organs to save the lives of many other children in need, and that he would be known “as a hero on Earth and an angel in heaven.”

The dog was taken to a local animal center while the Knox County Sheriff’s Office investigated the tragedy. Tennessee state law requires a 10-day quarantine for dogs that have bitten a person. Chloe Mansoor recounted the weeks she had enjoyed with her son, even on the nights that no one in the house got much sleep. She expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love that the family had received and emphasized that being Ezra Mansoor’s mother was “the biggest honor and the best thing” she had ever done.

A GoFundMe was started to raise money for the grieving family. So far, the campaign has raised $13,187. Over the last 10 years, fatal dog attacks have doubled. Before the pandemic, during which millions of people took in more pets, fatal dog bite attacks resulted in 40 deaths per year, but that number has increased to 100. Dog bites overall have also increased, leaving researchers scratching their heads.

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