Shots Fired Outside CIA Headquarters

Shots Fired After Stand-Off at CIA Headquarters

( – America’s law enforcement officers and military members deal with scary situations all the time. People who work for the CIA have an especially difficult job. Recently, that danger was brought right to their front door in the US.

On Monday, May 3, the FBI’s Washington field office said there was an agent-involved shooting in Langley, Virginia. An armed man reportedly approached the gates outside of the CIA’s headquarters in the morning and indicated he had a bomb in his car. Around 6 p.m., he got out of his vehicle and allegedly tried to breach the security gate while brandishing his weapon. FBI agents shot the man.

A spokeswoman for the FBI told local news WTOP the suspect died from his injuries after being transported to the hospital. She explained that the investigation into what happened is ongoing, and the agency has no further comment on the incident at this time.

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