Shia LaBeouf Gets Real About Masculinity in Society

Shia LaBeouf Gets Real About Masculinity in Society

A-List Actor Drops Bomb – “You Don’t Really Know What It Is To Be A Man”

( – Recently, actor Shia LaBeouf appeared on “Conversations at the Crossroads,” where he talked with Bishop Robert Barron about masculinity in today’s society. The recently-converted Catholic said the current problem with men is there’s no “puberty ceremony” celebrating the bridge to manhood. LaBeouf said nobody ever taught him “real masculinity,” and he suspects he’s not the only one with this problem.

The “Transformers” actor embraced his faith while researching a role where he portrayed a man of the cloth. It was then he began to understand what it means to be a man, his draw toward God, and the difference between meek and weak. LaBeouf spoke about what a “wife wants in a man,” naming stability and dependability at the top of the list. He said Catholicism saved his life.

The actor explained how suffering is a “gift,” stating his recent controversy with his ex, FKA Twigs, changed his perspective on life. LaBeouf is facing serious allegations of physical and mental abuse, sexual battery, and inflicting emotional distress on the singer. The civil court case is set to occur in mid-April 2023. He admits alcohol abuse made him aggressive and abusive not only to himself but to everyone around him.

What do you think about the actor’s thoughts on masculinity in current American culture?

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