Several Republicans Introduce Bill to Sanction China

Several Republicans Introduce Bill to Sanction China

( – On January 11, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), along with several other Republican legislators, introduced a bill to propose sanctions on China for obstructing “COVID origins investigation(s).” The world wants to know whether the virus came out of a lab in Beijing or from an animal-to-human transmission. However, some US lawmakers are tired of dealing with what they call China’s stonewalling tactics, and they want answers. If the bill passes, the hope is it’ll force the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into cooperation to submit to an international investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

Details About the Bill

The Coronavirus Origin Validation, Investigation, and Determination (COVID) Act of 2022 proposal reportedly builds off of another bill Rubio introduced in June 2021. That bill also proposed sanctions on the communist country for not allowing a proper investigation of Wuhan labs. The newest bill would add more penalties on China for “concealing the initial outbreak” of the virus, failing to alert the world in a timely manner and possibly saving precious lives. Should the measure pass, the bill would create new sanctions against the country after 90 days if the CCP refuses to allow a full investigation of Wuhan laboratories they feel engaged in “risky research.”

The new law would allow President Joe Biden to sanction the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), its affiliates and laboratories. It would also allow the president to stop gain-of-function virus research in all US-based labs accepting federal funding. The introduced sanctions would include blocking assets, visas and penalties for those who violate the rules.

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) joined the bill, stating her hope about the legislation’s proposed power to “finally prompt the CCP” into cooperation by helping the world understand the origin of the pandemic.

Previous Investigations and Conclusions

In February 2021, a group from the World Health Organization (WHO) and experts in China came to the conclusion SARS-CoV-2 probably didn’t originate from an accident in a lab. However, investigations concerning the origin having come from a bat were unclear. Since the joint effort didn’t provide definitive proof, the United Nations sent a second probe in July 2021 to look into the matter. WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wanted to have another look at the Wuhan labs, but China refused to cooperate.

Although the United States committed to uncovering the origins of COVID-19, it remains a mystery, and this bill might be just the thing to push China into revealing the truth.

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