Serial Killer’s Estate With 10,000 Remains Still Hides Secrets

( – Hamilton County, Indiana Coroner Jeff Jellison is determined to identify thousands of pieces of human remains recovered from the 18-acre Indiana property of serial killer Herb Baumeister.

Over the last six months, Jellison’s office has successfully identified three of Baumeister’s victims whose bodies were burned and crushed before they were spread out across the Fox Hollow Farm. The most recent victim identified was Jeffrey A. Jones, who went missing back in 1993. Back in January, remains belonging to Manuel Resendez, who disappeared in 1996, were identified. In October last year, Allen Livingston was the first victim identified in the renewed investigation. He disappeared in August 1993 without a trace. Some of his victims were found naked in streams alongside I-70, most of them strangled.

Baumeister’s body count is believed to be 25, with most of them being gay men. Authorities said that he led a secret life using a fake name and would select his targets while frequenting bars in Westfield, a suburb of Indianapolis. His double life is common for a serial killer, and they often go undetected for many years before being caught.

Authorities were approached by a friend of one of the victims, who believed that Baumeister was his killer. Police contacted Baumeister to inform him that he was a suspect, but he and his wife refused to allow their property to be searched. However, his wife eventually complied and allowed the search while Baumeister was away on vacation. Police issued a warrant for Baumeister’s arrest in 1996, but he fled to Canada and committed suicide.

Multiple agencies are involved in identifying the remains, including the FBI, the state’s police lab, a doctor at the University of Indianapolis, and Othram Lab. Thirteen different DNA profiles have been identified thus far. In 2022, the coroner’s office asked family members for DNA samples of missing men suspected of being killed by Baumeister. Four additional DNA profiles have yet to be identified.

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