Senator Lindsey Graham Devastated – “Not A Republican Wave”

Lindsey Graham Disappointed With Midterm Results

Lindsey Graham Disappointed With Midterm Results

( – On November 8, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) seemed let down about the results of the midterm elections. The legislator said it was “definitely not a Republican wave,” but he still holds out hope for a majority in the Senate.

Historically during midterms, the sitting president’s opposing party sweeps the election, gaining control of both the House and Senate. Staying with tradition and factoring in the state of the economy and crime under President Joe Biden, many predicted a “Red wave” would wipe out Democrats campaigning for positions. That didn’t happen. The question is: Why not?

NBC anchor Lester Holt wondered if the lack of performance was due to former President Donald Trump, but Graham shot down that theory. The South Carolina lawmaker redirected the conversation toward his belief that the GOP would still take both chambers of Congress, indicating the absence of a red wave didn’t matter at the “end of the day.”

No matter who controls Congress, Graham believes legislators from both sides have to “sit down” together and figure out where America goes next. He then suggested that Biden needs to work with the assumed Republican-led Congress and fix problems at the border. As the question of power still hangs in the balance, the Senator believes “some good” can come out of a “divided government.”

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