Senator Eric Schmitt Testifies Before House Weaponization Committee

Senator Eric Schmitt Testifies Before House Weaponization Committee

( – The House Judiciary Committee has been focused on looking into allegations of weaponization of the federal government, holding another hearing on March 30th, 2023, regarding social media censorship. Freshman Missouri Republican Senator Eric Schmitt testified at the hearing, as he was leading the fight at the state level when he was the Missouri Attorney General until January 2023. Senator Schmitt and Jeff Landry, the Attorney General of Louisiana, sued the Biden administration for alleged government collusion with social media companies.

Documents and emails between government officials and social media companies allegedly revealed an effort to silence voices that went against the official government stance on many issues, with Senator Schmitt accusing the Biden administration of “violating the First Amendment through this vast censorship enterprise” in his testimony during the House hearing. Senator Schmitt defended the right to free speech, telling the committee that they must do everything in their power to rein in the censorship efforts of the Biden administration.

Senator Schmitt also spoke of the sacrifices that were made by millions of Americans, adding that the threat posed by the Biden administration must be stopped so that “America can remain the freest country in the history of the world.” He highlighted the statements that were made about social media companies by the government, blaming them for the deaths of Americans, and problems within our society, as well as threatening them with the removal of certain protections they are afforded by the government.

The hearing turned chaotic after Senator Schmitt and AG Landry left, with Democrats calling foul for not being allowed to cross-examine their testimonies. However, The Hill reported that the Chairman of the committee, Jim Jordan, said that not taking questions from the panel is the norm for House hearings when the witnesses are current Senators or other government officials. Missouri v. Biden lawsuit is still ongoing, with newly appointed Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey taking over the case for Senator Schmitt.

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