Senate Candidate Schiff Harps On J6 ‘Danger’ In New Ad

( – California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff recently launched a new five-figure advertisement campaign for his senate run just one day after former President Trump prevailed in the Iowa caucus. The ad is titled “Danger,” and touts how Schiff “fought to protect our values and the rule of law.” The ad begins with footage from the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. The narrator warns that the United States is in “even greater danger” and uses a New York Times headline to claim that a second term for Trump would allow him to behave more radically than he did during his first term.

The candidate pool for the highly sought Senate is large, but Schiff has the most endorsements from his congressional colleagues and state lawmakers. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw her support behind Schiff in February 2023. He has based his entire campaign around Trump and his position on the January 6th Committee of the 117th Congress. During his time on the House Intelligence Committee, he promised to have a smoking gun that would tie Trump to Russia but never produced evidence to prove his claim. He was removed from the committee by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in January 2023, and censured by the 118th Congress on June 21, 2023.

California Democratic Representative Katie Porter is also running for the Senate seat. In a recent poll released by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies, Schiff is only leading Porter by a four-point margin. He received 21 percent support from likely voters, while Porter received 17 percent, but a two percent margin of error could indicate a narrower lead for Schiff.

Republican candidate Steve Garvey, who previously played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, came in at 13 percent ahead of Representative Barbara Lee at just nine percent. Garvey’s support has grown by six percent since pollsters began surveying, while Schiff and Porter have not experienced any meaningful gains. The first debate between the candidates will take place on January 22 in Los Angeles and will be moderated by a local Fox 11 anchor and a POLITICO reporter.

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