Self-Described Leftist Says “It’s Time To Move On” From Biden

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Left-Wing Site Says “It’s Time To Move On” From Biden Come 2024

( – On November 12, Norman Solomon, a frequent contributor to Salon, wrote a piece about President Joe Biden. It said everything the reader needed to know about the writer’s feelings in the title, which partially reads: “He’d be a disaster in 2024.” Although the site is known for its left-leaning take, Solomon basically said Biden has served his purpose in the leadership position, and it’s time for Democrats to “move on” to other presidential prospects for the next election.

The contributor described the US leader as a drain on the party, explaining Democrats experienced a successful midterm cycle despite Biden, not because of him. Solomon believes the president would make a “weak candidate” against a Republican nominee, and the Left needs to recognize that fact. A CBS News exit poll taken after the election showed 66% of those asked do not want Biden to run in 2024.

After all, the president’s approval rating throughout 2022 has been dismal, with the latest showing Americans’ disapproval at a 53.1%. According to FiveThirtyEight, his approval rating hasn’t been in the majority since August 15, 2021.

Solomon wants a candidate who won’t play ball with Republicans and a Democrat who will have a chance at victory in 2024. He doesn’t believe Biden is that person, and it’s time for the party to move on and leave him in the past.

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