Secret Service Prepared To Testify Against Jan 6 Trump Allegations

Secret Service Prepared To Testify Against Jan 6 Trump Allegations

BOMBSHELL New Testimony Could Bring Jan 6 Witch Hunt To a Screeching Halt

( – Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, testified at the January 6 hearings on June 28, and Secret Service members are ready to dispute some of her surprising claims. On national television, the former aide relayed a story she was told about previous President Donald Trump lunging for the wheel of his transport and choking a service member because he wouldn’t take him to the Capitol on the day of the riot.

Trump immediately disputed the claims, and sources say some agents are willing to testify the incident never occurred.

Secret Service Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the group has been cooperating with the House committee for over a year, and they’re prepared to go on the record to respond to the most recent claim.

Trump responded on his social media network to say he barely knows Hutchinson, claiming her testimony was some sort of revenge. He called her a “total phony.” Others came out to say the former aide had a unique perspective and was close to the action, giving her testimony a sense of authenticity.

It seems the only way to know for sure if the story about the vehicle incident is true would be for those who were in the motorcade to testify under oath, which some seem willing to do. The country awaits their version of events as the hearings continue.

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