SCOTUS Building Becomes America’s New Battlefield As Protesters Rally

SCOTUS Building Becomes America's New Battlefield As Protesters Rally

Supreme Court Building Becomes A Battlefield – Protesters Surround Them

( – Ever since the Supreme Court opinion leak on May 2, there has been an ever-growing influx of protestors opposing the possibility of a SCOTUS final ruling against Roe v. Wade in addition to some who support the court’s alleged predilection. As soon as the news hit Politico, officials erected barricades around the SCOTUS building because they knew there would be Americans coming to protest. Although the draft opinion is not the final say, Chief Justice Roberts confirmed the preliminary document containing the judicial stance in the Mississippi abortion case is authentic.

Some pro-life advocates gathered in front of the building for the highest court in the land, but they were severely outnumbered by the number of pro-choice Americans opposing the Supreme Court’s draft ruling.

The Supreme Court made it clear public opinion will have no bearing on the justices’ final decision on whether or not they will overturn the 1973 case. As of now, it seems the Republican-appointed justices on the court are voting to overturn the measure and return the abortion decision to the individual states.

SCOTUS is now investigating who leaked the draft, but the cat is now out of the bag. Protests on both sides of the matter will likely intensify as the court forms its final opinion, which is expected in June.

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